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Horizon Internal Medicine Testimonials
  • Dr. Haque is the very best doctor I have ever been to in my life. He truly cares, listens plus the smartest doctor I’ve ever seen. He treats me with such compassion. Also Eric Cox his NP is great too, I feel I’m in great hands with her – she treats you with compassion and she so caring. I love Dr. Haque and Erica – great people that give you the best healthcare one can get plus the best people you could ever know. The staff – they are the best, very sharp, compassion and so nice and pleasant. I love going to this office, all make me feel so special and know all in this office truly care about you and your health. Dr. Haque your the very best.
    Stephen P.
  • Dr. Haque is a wonderful doctor. He has always spent quality time with me. If I have any questions he always takes the time to answer them. I have been to doctors that are in and out of the room so fast they don’t give you time to ask questions. Dr Haque really cares and takes time with you.
    Mildred P.
  • Erica is wonderful! She is helping me through this tough time with my health problems. She always sits and listens to my concerns and helps me with a plan so I can become healthier and stay out of the hospital.
    Frances M.
  • Everyone there is so nice. They all treat you like a person instead of a patient. They care about your well being. I see Dr. Haque. Been a patient of his for years. Always takes time to listen to me. I really Love everyone there.
    Teresa B.
  • Dr Haque is the best Dr I have ever been to! He’s my mamas Dr also!! He listens to me and is concerned!! He has the friendliest office staff there is!!!
    Sharon E.
  • Horizon internal medicine is the best practice that I have had the pleasure of going to. All of the staff are above friendly and helpful and I will not change my doctor again.
    Melanie B.
  • I love Dr. Haque, he always does his best to help me. Listens to what I have to say. I highly recommend him.
    Christy Z.
  • Was very happy with my first visit, was taken back as soon as i finished my paperwork and was seen within 5 minutes of being put on exam room. The nurse practicioner was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions, and had a manner that put me at ease.
    Tina S.
  • Wonderful doctor’s office. Very thorough, they take time to get to know their patients. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.
    T L.
  • I have been going to Dr. Haque for years. I lost my only son in 2009 and I was a total mess. Dr. Haque was my doctor before then but I will honestly say that if it had not been for him I may not have made it to where I am today, thank goodness for him. I would go to him after my son passed and I had also applied for disability and had no source of income what so ever. To show you how caring and compassionate a doctor he is ……he would always give me samples because he knew I was unable to pay. And he NEVER said a word to me about that. I always told him not to give me any prescriptions because I could not pay but one day he had to write me one and I told him then not to do that because I had no money. He handed me the prescription because he knew I needed it and evidently there were no samples for this and when he handed the prescription to me there was a twenty dollar bill folded up underneath it. Now please tell me how many doctors you know that would do that for a patient? He is an awesome caring doctor and person but for that reason alone it showed me that I was with a doctor that cared about me! And I would not see anyone else.
    Charlene K.
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